Life has a way of moulding our choices into reality. Let me share with you the story of a daydreamer who dared to follow his passion. Welcome, I am Gopal Pradip Chopade, a Professional Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Khamgaon, Maharashtra.

Becoming a photographer wasn’t my childhood dream; it was engineering that held the allure for me. Like many others, I chose engineering because it was the trend at that time. However, I pursued it with utmost passion. Alongside my engineering journey, I discovered another passion that started to blossom—photography.

During my engineering days, I explored photography using my smartphone. I found success early on when I won an award in a video-making competition for my documentary on the Indian education system. I also received a photography award for a creative mobile photograph featuring Lord Ganesh. Photography became an integral part of my life, even as I pursued my engineering studies.


During my training as a Network Engineer in Nagpur, I continued to nurture my passion for photography. Every day, I captured the beauty of nature and the essence of streets through my mobile camera. It was a crucial phase of my life, where my training and my photography passion grew side by side.

At that time, I faced a dilemma between my two passions—network engineering and photography. I couldn’t decide what was right or wrong for me. But upon introspection, I realized that photography brought me a sense of fulfillment and presence like no other. The corporate job I had obtained felt burdensome and stressful in comparison.

As a daydreamer who often got lost in the realms of my imagination, I am delighted that photography became a reality for me, bringing me into the present moment. I made the decision to choose photography as my career, and it has been four years since that pivotal day. My feelings and passion for photography remain unchanged, and I am content with the path I have chosen.

Both being an engineer and a photographer were my choices. My education has provided me with valuable skills and confidence, aiding me in every step of my photography career, where I now earn well.

However, transitioning from a middle-class background in a small town, leaving a stable job after three years of engineering, and venturing into an entirely new field was no easy feat. Convincing my parents, mastering the technical aspects of this art form, navigating societal expectations, overcoming the fear of failure, and making a living out of it—these are all separate chapters I will address in my upcoming blog.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. Together, let’s celebrate the power of photography, storytelling, and the pursuit of our dreams. Welcome to my world of photography!”

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